A Play About Nothing

One act; 5 characters: 2 women, 3 men

While waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant, three New Yorkers - Jerome Stein, Ellen Bennet and Art Vandelay - become hostages when terrorists take over the restaurant. While they wait to be rescued, they bicker and focus on their own small problems rather than the larger, more pressing issue at hand. And when the opportunity for rescue comes for only two of them, Jerome, Ellen and Art summon their most self-centered excuses for why they should be rescued and not the others.

A Play About Nothing is at once an adaptation of and homage to an episode of a famous “show about nothing” from the 1990s, and Jerome, Ellen and Art are reminiscent of three fictional New Yorkers who, years ago, once waited inside the lobby a Chinese restaurant for a table that never came to pass.

It made its premiere in June 2015 at PortFringe in Portland, Maine. Performance dates were June 20th at 6:30pm and June 23rd at 10:30pm.

A Play About Nothing Trent England

Patrick O'Hanlon - Jerome
Marty Mason - Ellen
Robin Russell - Art
June Kfoury - Laura
Michael Barry - Zane

It was directed by Daniel Bourque.

Artist Snapshot: A Play About Nothing (from PortFringe's Tumblr)

It was also featured in the lineup at FringePVD, a festival in Providence, Rhode Island, on July 21st at 8:30pm and July 25th at 8:00pm, and both performances at URI Providence

Patrick O'Hanlon - Jerome
Marty Mason - Ellen
Robin Russell - Art
June Kfoury - Laura
Michael Barry - Zane

It was directed by Daniel Bourque.