Summer 2015

It's the middle of my first summer in London, and a lot has been going on (for me, at least). 

In July, A Play About Nothing went up at FringePVD, a fringe theatre festival in Providence, Rhode Island. By all accounts, it went well, and I received some nice feedback. Many, many thanks to my director, Daniel Bourque, as well as the cast, who all came down from Boston (as they did for PortFringe in Portland) to make the show happen. 

Earlier, though, in June, I had the delight of signing with my first literary agent, Angharad Kowal, of Writers House to represent me and my novel Miss Valiant. Writers House is an agency I had always wanted to be with, and so far, my working relationship with Angharad has not been a disappointment. I'm very fortunate to be in such good hands. Currently, I'm working on a revised draft of Miss Valiant with a view to finish in the next several months and submit to publishing houses in early 2016. Miss Valiant is about a girl in late 1950s and early 1960s America who is searching for a painting of herself that was made when she was a teenager.

On the occasion that I do put down my writing or what book I'm reading and venture out of the flat, I've been trying my damnedest to absorb the adventure that is living in London, in addition to the travel that living in the UK allows. So far, 2015 has been all about writing, reading and traveling. It's been a very good year indeed.