Play news

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that on Monday May 19th, my newest play, Come Down to Us, will have its first public reading in Boston, in the space above Trident Books on Newbury Street. The reading will be sponsored by The Hub Theatre Company. Daniel Bourque will be directing again and The Hub's Lauren Elias will be reading one of the roles. Already the cast is shaping up to be pretty fantastic, and I'm lucky and honored to get to collaborate with a host of talented people.

Come Down to Us is about a writer named Errol and the family that he's exploited as the subjects of his newest novel, and it deals with subjects as disparate as time travel and literary authorship. I can't wait to see and hear the cast read it, and I'm looking forward to the audience feedback. This initially began as a re-write of my play Our Home in the Country, but ultimately took on a life of its own and became a separate piece altogether. Only the characters' names survived.