news, here and there

I'm very happy to announce that I've completed a novel titled Miss Valiant, and I've sent it off to an agent who read an excerpt of it this summer and requested a full upon completion. I began the book on January 9th, 2014, as a distraction from another novel I was writing, and it soon took on its own life. Although I'm sure I have a long road ahead of me in regards to edits and revisions (and possibly a protracted search for an agent), I'm glad the story reached its completion before the move to London, and that the spirit of the book didn't die in the upheaval. Whew. But once we get settled in the UK, I'll begin the long and slow dive into a the waters of a new novel. 

I've also found out that my very short story "Minimus" will be published at White Whale Review. "Minimus" is about a girl who discovers in the auto garage attached to her house a deer that her father is nursing to life after it was shot by hunters and limped onto the property. The kind editors at WWR have pubbed my work before, and I'm happy to be there again.

Cheers, and auf wiedersehen to 2014.