A few updates

It's winter. Here's what's going on.

  • My story "The Wedding" will be published in Needle sometime this winter. I don't have any publication details yet. I'm very excited because this is my first noir/crime short story.
  • I have a piece in the CHEAP issue of The Runcible Spoon (I didn't get a byline but the advice column is my handiwork). You can purchase it here. Technically what I wrote is humorous but I'll leave that for you to decide. The issue received a favorable review recently. And Jonathan Gold was vocal about liking the previous issue in which I was published as well, the SALT issue.
  • I'm around 35k words into the novel I'm currently writing. My guess is that the first draft will be between 100k and  120k words (which will be pared down greatly while I revise), to answer some questions I've received recently about the book's progress. I'm writing 5 or 6 hours a day, which is tiring but, as they say, rewarding. This novel has a kind of drive that makes that possible, and I'm very happy with its progress and how the story is coming together. I have a title picked out for the novel that I'll share as the book nears completion.
  • On Thanksgiving, my parents were in town, so we all participated in Salem's Wild Turkey 5-mile Race, which is the largest-attended road race on the North Shore. Mom and Denise walked it, while Dad and I ran it and crossed the finish line together.