story soon up at Bull

My story “Block Party” will be online at Bull in August this year.

I’m excited both to be finally published in Bull and even more excited that this story has found a home. I put a lot work into the formal side of it (the story almost entirely takes the form of one paragraph), it’s the most carefully constructed piece of short fiction I’ve ever written yet, and it also contains a mystery and an easter egg.

I’m thrilled to share it with the world.

More in August…

new story at The Masters Review

My newest story 'Katie Flew Again Tonight' was published on Friday by The Masters Review as part of their New Voices series. You can read it here

'Katie...' is a story I began writing in the summer of 2015 and didn't fully find my way into until the following year, trying several different versions of it before settling on the one I ultimately sent out. There was even a brief time where I thought it would be a stage play before deciding it was a short story. Once I discovered the right angle for the story, it was much easier to write, putting many months of failed attempts to shame. I was glad to finally put it together. 

And it's an honor to be published at The Masters Review, a publication I've respected for some time. It was a pleasure working with the editors there and I hope to get to do it again in the future.

A new play and book news (kind of)

Happy nearly-end-of summer.

I've been informed that my director-collaborator Daniel Bourque will be directing a staged reading of my new play Proximity in September, in Boston. It will be held at the performance space above Trident Books on Newbury Street on the evening of Monday the 19th. Proximity is a scifi drama that I wrote earlier this summer.

And recently, my agent sent off the most recent version of my novel to editors, and I am crossing my fingers that there is interest. This is as far as I've gotten with a novel before, and I am very much excited... and trying not to look at my email every five minutes. Wish me luck.

It's been a good year so far filled with writing and travel and enjoying the company of friends in London. I'm looking forward to my brother and his wife visiting in September and my parents visiting in November. I'm currently collaborating with a writer friend on a sort of secret project, and it will be exciting to have that out the door in the somewhat near future.


2015 is coming to a close, and with it, one of the greatest years on record. 

The obvious you may already know: Denise and I moved to London from the States in February. In addition to that, I've had a lush and generous year so far in my adopted city. I've made new friends, traveled more than I did in the States, explored this amazing city that is rightfully called the greatest city on earth, I've seen some incredible theatre in London, I had a play produced in the States, I signed with my first literary agent, and I'm very pleased to continue to get to write on a daily basis and spend large portions of my day doing what I love. 2016 has big shoes to fill.

Currently, I'm working on another revised draft of my novel with a view to getting it to publishers in a couple of months. After that, I'll be working on a new play. And in between, I'll be seeing as much as I can of my friends, who are saints for understanding when I have to go home early or decline a night out so that I can work. I will make it up to all of you in 2016. First round is on me.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a warm and joyous New Year. 


Summer 2015

It's the middle of my first summer in London, and a lot has been going on (for me, at least). 

In July, A Play About Nothing went up at FringePVD, a fringe theatre festival in Providence, Rhode Island. By all accounts, it went well, and I received some nice feedback. Many, many thanks to my director, Daniel Bourque, as well as the cast, who all came down from Boston (as they did for PortFringe in Portland) to make the show happen. 

Earlier, though, in June, I had the delight of signing with my first literary agent, Angharad Kowal, of Writers House to represent me and my novel Miss Valiant. Writers House is an agency I had always wanted to be with, and so far, my working relationship with Angharad has not been a disappointment. I'm very fortunate to be in such good hands. Currently, I'm working on a revised draft of Miss Valiant with a view to finish in the next several months and submit to publishing houses in early 2016. Miss Valiant is about a girl in late 1950s and early 1960s America who is searching for a painting of herself that was made when she was a teenager.

On the occasion that I do put down my writing or what book I'm reading and venture out of the flat, I've been trying my damnedest to absorb the adventure that is living in London, in addition to the travel that living in the UK allows. So far, 2015 has been all about writing, reading and traveling. It's been a very good year indeed.

Portland production

A huge thank you to the cast, director and PortFringe crew of A Play About Nothing. It was my first play to be produced, and it premiered twice during the festival. I was fortunate enough to have good houses at both performances, and by the video recording I saw of the play, it was a success. I'm happy with the life this little play has taken on, and I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes when it moves to FringePVD in Providence later in July.

Play news and a new story

I'm happy to annouce that A Play About Nothing will be produced at two fringe festivals in New England this summer. In addition to PortFringe in June, it will also appear in July at FringePVD in Providence, Rhode Island.

For PortFringe the two dates are: June 20th at 6:30pm (for the normals) and June 23rd at 10:30pm (for the freaks). More details about PortFringe can be found here and here, and tickets - for those who are inclined to be in Portland in June (you should; Maine in the summer is lovely) - may be purchased here for $10 per show. The tickets are not for specific performances and may be used to enter any show, so do buy one if you want to see my show once or two if you want to go to both performances or buy more if you're curious about the festival's other plays

I know slightly less about FringePVD in Providence, Rhode Island, though I know the play will be performed in the evening on the 21st and 25th of July. Check their website for more details if you are considering attending.

Also, I have a new story at White Whale Review called "Minimus." I would tell you what it's about, but it's a very short story, and you can read it yourself here. Many thanks to WWR's editor Randi Shapiro who has featured several other of my stories there in the past. It's good to be back.

At this point, I feel inclined to detail my goings-on in London and what it is like to live in this city and how wonderful it is, but that would require many lengthy paragraphs, so I'll summarize by saying that I'm happily writing regularly, exploring the city, visiting museums, spending time with good friends both new and old, and seeing some really fantastic theatre. Life is suddenly richer and bigger, and writing in tandem with adjusting to a new culture has been exciting. I'm eager to send out into the world the new projects I've begun since Denise and I moved here in February.

new play in june

I've just received the good news that my newest play, A Play About Nothing, will premiere this June at PortFringe, a fringe theater festival in Portland, Maine. 

A Play About Nothing will be my first officially produced play, and is an adaptation of the Seinfeld episode, "The Chinese Restaurant." My first foray into dark comedy, it's a shot at toeing the line between grim and funny. Although I'm in London, I'm looking forward to hearing about pre-production, and while I don't know if I'll be around for any of the performances, I know the play is in good hands as my regular collaborator Daniel Bourque will be directing it. 

Follow this link to see A Play About Nothing in the lineup.

news, here and there

I'm very happy to announce that I've completed a novel titled Miss Valiant, and I've sent it off to an agent who read an excerpt of it this summer and requested a full upon completion. I began the book on January 9th, 2014, as a distraction from another novel I was writing, and it soon took on its own life. Although I'm sure I have a long road ahead of me in regards to edits and revisions (and possibly a protracted search for an agent), I'm glad the story reached its completion before the move to London, and that the spirit of the book didn't die in the upheaval. Whew. But once we get settled in the UK, I'll begin the long and slow dive into a the waters of a new novel. 

I've also found out that my very short story "Minimus" will be published at White Whale Review. "Minimus" is about a girl who discovers in the auto garage attached to her house a deer that her father is nursing to life after it was shot by hunters and limped onto the property. The kind editors at WWR have pubbed my work before, and I'm happy to be there again.

Cheers, and auf wiedersehen to 2014.


I'm happy to announce that Denise and I will be moving to London at the end of January for a job that she'll be taking there. We will be there for at least three years. This is a massive and somewhat scary transition, but I'm eager to write in London and explore the UK and more of Europe in general. I've always wanted to live overseas, and now that it's happening, I'm kind of at a loss for words to describe  how much I'm looking forward to it and also how much I'll miss living here in New England. Frankly, it hasn't really quite sunk in yet. Over there, I'll still get to continue to write, but I'll miss a great number of my close friends here who have been very supportive of my work, and without whom a number of my successes would not have been possible. You know who you are and I love you all.

Currently I'm wrapping up a novel tentatively titled Miss Valiant before the move, so that I can devote some time to transitioning into life in the UK. My hope is to have a clean slate of projects by the time Denise and I settle, and then I'll be able to begin new work afresh with my London legs. Wish me luck. Cheers.

The Wedding

My short story "The Wedding" is in the newest issue of Needle Magazine, and is available for purchase here. "The Wedding" is about two men who are hired to set fire to a movie theater in the middle of the night, but instead encounter a surprise inside the theater.

Many thanks to editor Steve Weddle for including my work.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who came out to Trident last night for the reading of Come Down to Us. The cast did an amazing job, and I received really helpful feedback afterward. All in all, it was a successful evening, and I'm looking forward to improving this play so it can move on to its next stage. 

announcement of the play at Trident

announcement of the play at Trident

You're invited

You're invited to attend the first public reading of Come Down to Us in the upstairs space at Trident Booksellers, 338 Newbury St. in the Back Bay on Monday, May 19th.

Seating begins at 6:30pm; the reading will start at 7 and go roughly until 9. There will be a short Q&A afterward to provide feedback. As this is an early stage of a new work, constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.

The reading will be directed by Daniel Bourque, who has worked with me on previous plays, and the cast will be as follows: 

  • Errol - William J. Moore
  • Sophie - Marty S. Mason
  • Lizzie - Jes Maxfield
  • Nolan - AJ Mayo
  • Shay - Lauren Elias
  • Preston - Tim Hoover

This reading is presented by The Hub Theatre Company. Please join me!

Play news

I'm beyond thrilled to announce that on Monday May 19th, my newest play, Come Down to Us, will have its first public reading in Boston, in the space above Trident Books on Newbury Street. The reading will be sponsored by The Hub Theatre Company. Daniel Bourque will be directing again and The Hub's Lauren Elias will be reading one of the roles. Already the cast is shaping up to be pretty fantastic, and I'm lucky and honored to get to collaborate with a host of talented people.

Come Down to Us is about a writer named Errol and the family that he's exploited as the subjects of his newest novel, and it deals with subjects as disparate as time travel and literary authorship. I can't wait to see and hear the cast read it, and I'm looking forward to the audience feedback. This initially began as a re-write of my play Our Home in the Country, but ultimately took on a life of its own and became a separate piece altogether. Only the characters' names survived.

More updates

It's still winter. Here's what's going on.

  • Tentatively, there will be a public reading of a new play of mine in May. More details as May approaches; I'm still writing it. For now, it is titled Come Down to Us.


I want to say thank you to the people who check this site often or subscribe to this feed to get updates on what's going on with me. Although I no longer have a social media presence, I'm always happy to share with friends, family and acquaintances what's going on. It's often difficult, though, because writers can't always share pieces of a thing that is not finished. Visual artists can let someone into their studio, and musicians can share sound files and play parts of songs for people, but writers can do no more than copy and paste text into an email, which - on a level of glamour - is just one notch above filling out an online survey. Though I'm currently writing a lot, and writing every day, it can appear to everyone else that I'm hibernating. A writing career consists of long periods of solitude in front of a computer before something surfaces for the public to read. So to all my friends and family who get to hear "Not much, still writing," when they ask what's new in my life, I want to say thanks. Your patience with me and interest in what I do despite there not always being much physical evidence of what I do, helps me to boldly go forth. I wouldn't be able to write much of anything without the regular support from friends and family, who voice their belief in me, especially on days when I don't share that same belief. You know who you are, and I love you all.

- Trent

A few updates

It's winter. Here's what's going on.

  • My story "The Wedding" will be published in Needle sometime this winter. I don't have any publication details yet. I'm very excited because this is my first noir/crime short story.
  • I have a piece in the CHEAP issue of The Runcible Spoon (I didn't get a byline but the advice column is my handiwork). You can purchase it here. Technically what I wrote is humorous but I'll leave that for you to decide. The issue received a favorable review recently. And Jonathan Gold was vocal about liking the previous issue in which I was published as well, the SALT issue.
  • I'm around 35k words into the novel I'm currently writing. My guess is that the first draft will be between 100k and  120k words (which will be pared down greatly while I revise), to answer some questions I've received recently about the book's progress. I'm writing 5 or 6 hours a day, which is tiring but, as they say, rewarding. This novel has a kind of drive that makes that possible, and I'm very happy with its progress and how the story is coming together. I have a title picked out for the novel that I'll share as the book nears completion.
  • On Thanksgiving, my parents were in town, so we all participated in Salem's Wild Turkey 5-mile Race, which is the largest-attended road race on the North Shore. Mom and Denise walked it, while Dad and I ran it and crossed the finish line together.

Salem State

Today I'll be talking to a World Languages class at Salem State University. I'm honored that Dr. Kristine Doll asked me to talk to her class, and I'm really looking forward to it. The students will also be talking to me about a story of mine that contains Spanish dialogue in it called "American Folk."